long hair causes headaches

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Some women complain about headaches when their hair is mid-back length. What about those who have had extremely long hair all their life and never complained about it?
I want to grow my hair long, but my roots are weak, and my hair falls out a lot. How do I do this? My hair falls out A LOT
Hair accessories can trigger migraine headaches and tension long hair causes headaches headaches by placing pressure and inflammation to the nerves of the face and head.
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Best Answer: Yes, long hair can cause headaches. I had a girlfriend when I was a teenager who had severe headaches. Her parents took her long hair causes headaches from specialist to specialist .
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Everything you need to know about how long will it take for topamax to cause hair loss, including the most common causes and treatments.
Possible no & possible yes. You see when you get a small headache you can handle it but because you have long hair it can make your head sweat because theres so much .
  • Headaches are a very common problem amongst people of all ages. They are the most common pain disorder in children and adolescents, and approximately one third of .

Ponytails and Neck Pain Q: I am a male with long hair. I recently had it cut to about my chin all the way around but used to have it longer, and often ponytail my hair.
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Can migraines occur by a person pulling on their long hair? I noticed whenever I comb my hair and its all tangled which causes me to pull some of it heavily, I end up .
Best Answer: Sometimes
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